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Windsurfing holiday and clinics in El Medano, Tenerife - Freeride Bay & Optional Waves

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A large sweeping bay in the south of Tenerife with conditions to teach, test and train you. A sunny winter escape dedicated to windsurfing with optional e-biking, foiling, suping and winging.

Join our bespoke Windwise experience for intermediate to advanced windsurfers looking to build skills and confidence in both flat water and waves. 

  • 7 nights luxury SC Los Balos apartments

  • Group airport transfers 15 mins

  • TWS  kit hire 23 Feb - 1 March 

  • Course Dates 23 Feb - 1 March 

the coaching

  • Windwise Skills Training System

  • Professional quality photo and video analysis

  • Fully engaging windsurfing and socials

El MEDANO Tenerife

Travel dates:
22 Feb - 1 March 2025
Style: Freewave + Freeride
Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Availability: Book your place
  • Availability: 

Coach: Simon Bornhoft
Price from: £1299.00

Based on shared room & excluding flights

£399.00 for Non-windsurfers

£199.00 Single supplement



Gybe variations + Jump + Ride

location and conditions

Conditions: Freeride bay, bump & jump + optional waves
Water state: Flat water bay, rolling swell and waves 
Wind direction: NE
Wind strength: F4+
Sail range: 4.0-7m

Windsurf centre: TWS including Severne kit 

Course criteria: Waterstart + sail sub 130L board

Non-windsurfing partner rating: 

Other activities: Foiling, Winging, SUPing, eBiking and we’ll take you to some fabulous places to eat.

Winter Escape

FREEWAVE adventure

Freewave + Foiling + Biking + Fab food  


A WINTER adventure

Situated on the south western tip of Tenerife, El Medano is the perfect winter warm-up and training location. 

It’s a huge bay and a famous windsurfing spot, making it the number one short-haul winter destination to develop Freewave skills and have a real adventure too.

On the water

Ideal for the intermediate to advanced windsurfers, looking to build confidence and a wider skills base.

Off the water

Stunning ocean-view and accommodation, tasty tapas and Dorado beer. There’s plenty multi-activity back up, should the wind be light.


Windsurfing + Multi-sports

master your freewave skills…


With Windwise


Plenty more to do

You’ll never be bored


Non-windsurfing partners are very welcome on Windwise trips.

Whether it’s checking out the vibrant local El Medano town which has a relaxed vibe, or enjoy a good book whilst lounging on a sun bed- it’s a great place for a sunny winter escape.

There’s plenty of additional adventures and activities including: 

  • Stand up paddleboarding

  • Surfing

  • Eco tours

  • Biking & eBiking experiences

  • Local tapas taste sensations

  • Cool chill out bars & cafes




learning with WINDWISE

Simon Bornhoft’s expert experience, 1-2-1 guidance and the proven Windwise Skills Training System provides the very best in professional coaching.

  • Personalised and dedicated assistance to help you boost your skills base

  • Increase your level, confidence, efficiency and enjoyment on the water

  • Local knowledge and advice to make your time in El Medano a great experience


We’ve got it covered!

WHAT you'll get

Trust the system

Look, lean and be more Warrior

Check this out

El Medano Freewave experience

Windwise expertise throughout your holiday, all at a pace to suit you.

  • Group and 1-2-1 dedicated Windwise coaching

  • Learn the core skills to make improvements


  • Try out different kit, and try my Severne gear too!

  • Perfect new techniques... and plenty of fun, memorable sessions!

What level do you need to be

If you’re used to sailing a sub 130L board, you’ll be fine in El Medano. If you sail 85-115L boards, you’ll want to stay forever!

How do we teach

Flexible teaching method

Our approach to guarantee a professional coaching experience that includes:

  • Fully proven progression with our proven system.

  • Breakaway individual sessions/tuition to focus on skills.

  • Video and photo analysis.

  • 1-2-1 feedback and personal progression plan.

  • Windwise Skills & Drills, easy to follow demos on and off the water.


Become the best you can be

Unique System


We’re here to help you


Nothing Beats 1-2-1 Feedback

Find out what you really should be working on…

the windwise warrior

Freeride or wave skills

We’ll develop the fundamental Windwise skills, that are the DNA of windsurfing progression. We’ll help you learn it and use it for your level of sailing. 

  • Kit tuning and setup for the conditions.

  • Learn the Windwise 'Warrior' for all transitions.

  • Improve your shortboard control.

  • Work on gybe variations and consistency

  • Wave selection, timing and launching in surf.

  • Improve your jumping and wave riding.



Become better looking!


How to create your ultimate counterbalance.


Specific consistent foot & hand placements


Learn the DNA of how to turn a board


Learn how to truly use body mechanics


Rig@90 + Talk to the mic + Rig rotators + Upwind downwinders

a typical day

how does the day work

Each day rips

Action packed with Windwise skills and drills to suit your needs, increase your knowledge and abilities together with loads of personal attention to get the most out of your time on the water.

  • Team talk + Flashpoint coffee + Make a plan

  • Windwise Skills & Drills on land + Kit advice

  • Hit the water to start your progression

  • 1-2-1 'On-the-fly' feedback and diagnosis

  • Break for re-fueling. Photo + video check

  • Afternoon session in the bay or harbour wall upwind/downwinder

  • Well deserved sundowner, debrief, and evening feast


Always a really great fun week and lots to do

eat sleep live

El Medano Life

El Médano town is a typically Spanish in its look and feel with fabulous great value eateries with plenty of fresh local fish, tasty tapas, local beers, Vino De Casa to refuel at the end of the day.

We base ourselves in some stunning beachside accommodation with breathtaking views over the bay. 

This provides a really convenient base for breakfasts, socials and that wonderful après windsurfing feel, whilst being just 50mtrs from the TWS windsurfing centre.

Plenty of options for everyone for this winter escape.


Winter sun and wind



Great apre’s windsurfing 

What's it like

You’ll experience the best possible coaching in one of the windsurfing Meccas in the Canaries.

The town is the sort of place you can stroll through and enjoy little bars, cafes and relax with a sunset beer after a full day on the water.

Traveling alone or with a partner

Whether you’re flying solo or sharing the experience this trip works really well and offers a really great place to hang out and be as social as you like.

  • Windsurfing, Foiling & Winging options

  • Varied restaurants, bars and chill out areas right on the beach

  • Morning beach jog, yoga or Flashpoint coffee

  • Stretch the lungs with a walk up the Red mountain


LOS BALOS Apartments

Situated just a fins throw from the TWS windsurfing centre, Los Balos is an iconic set of apartments right next to the TWS windsurfing centre and only a 5 min walk into El Medano town. 

We love these three bedroom, self-catering apartments with kitchen facilities, large living space and simply stunning balcony views. 


Los Balos is where we sleep, have breakfast and enjoy post sail beers, team talks, video playback, communal breakfasts and the odd ‘cook off’.

  • Quality accommodation with stunning views

  • Only 1 minute from the beach & TWS

  • 5 mins from fab restaurants and cool cafes & bars

  • Underground storage area for boards & bikes

other activities

Surf, SUP Bike & more

As well as the truly stunning windsurfing location with the amazing backdrop of Mount Tide, we have loads of optional extras if we need to take a day off the water.

  • Incredible Bike or eBikes tours in view of Mount Tide

  • Surfing + SUPing + eFoiling + Yoga

  • Stunning eco walks + Los Gigantes + Masca

  • Largest water park in Europe for those love a slide

keep active 

Adventures on and off the water



El Medano

Freeride blasting in the bay and then a mix of conditions depending on the swell. It’s a great place to develop your overall ability, get introduced to surf, ride some easy waves and gain more confidence and skills.

We use the superbly well stocked and manage TWS windsurfing centre that we’ve used over 10 year. 

A great mid winter option to get tuned up in the sun!


Enjoy Freeride, Freewave and land based options

Ride A Wave


We’ll help you through, out, on and in the waves

Fabulous Freewave

Flatter water and waves

THE conditions

What to expect

Whilst the windiest time for the Canaries is mid summer, it is still a very popular winter location – it’s about the only shorthaul  flight location that gives you a decent chance of wind – especially when the trade winds kick in.

Wind direction: Side shore port tack (left to right)

Conditions: Freeride + small + medium waves (depending on swell)

Sail sizes: 4.0-6.5m (When the trades are in 4.0-5.3m)

Board sizes: 95-150L depending on your level

What about rescue

The TWS centre has rescue cover for those who sail within the designated area.



Straight off from the TWS centre is a huge windsurfing beach which is famous for flatter water on the inside and luscious rolling swell out back.

El Medano ‘Main beach’

It’s basically our office for the week and depending on conditions, we’ll either be Freeriding in the bay, or, if the wind and waves are working, it’s a great place for an introduction to launching through very manageable small beach waves and moving your windsurfing on to another level.

Break that blast & gybe plateau

It’s the sort of place and type of Windwise course where we look to expand a whole your range of really useful skills, rather than focus on just trying to fine tune your gybes.  



About 300m upwind of the main beach sailing area in El Medano is the Harbour Wall, which is a super easy point break.

This means not having to sail out through white water, just nip round past the break and then ride the wave in.

When the conditions are right there’s down-the-line style riding, plus a stunning downwinder back to base.

If you want to head even further upwind around the headland, there’s  Cabezo beach which is where they’ve held PWA wave events.  

vital info



Below is a list of everything you need to  know about your holiday in Tenerife.

Go step-by-step through everything and use it as a checklist: Flights – Transfers – Accommodation – Communications – What to Bring.


flights & transfers

  • Suggested group flights enable you to join group transfer

  • If you're on a different flight an airport taxi is about £15 to El Mednao

  • We highly recommend taking out holiday insurance now to cover unforeseen cancellations  

22 feb – 1 March 2025

Group flights


EasyJet: Gatwick-Tenerife

Flight: EZY8035

Dept:09.20   – Arr:13.50 


EasyJet: Tenerife-Gatwick

Flight: EZY8038 

Dept:19.05   – Arr: 23.30

Transfers & Meeting Up

Group Transfer

Meet up in the luggage conveyor belt area. Simon will have windsurfing kit so easy to spot!

We’ll then head to Los Balos in group taxis

Private Transfers

If you’re not on the Gatwick group flight, just grab a taxi to Los Balos. Access is available early evening


Los Balos Apartments

C. la Gaviota, 25, 38612 El Médano



Simon Bornhoft +447764574201


Click here to join this WhatsApp group – We’ll set up group comms for meeting up & logistics in the week before the trip. 



It is compulsory to have third-party  and personal insurance for the duration of the course, covering injury to self and others.

Travel insurance is also recommended to cover any possible issues that may arise.


RYA insurance definitely does NOT cover you overseas for rental gear, third party accidental cover or kit damage.


Some holiday companies will cover you for kit insurance whilst others won’t. TWS offer a German insurance that you can take out with Safety Tool, which lasts a whole year. Check out


If you don’t already have third-party windsurfing insurance, you can contact Insure4Sport  for year-round cover. We don’t have any financial arrangement, but many of our clients have used them for both 3rd Party & Kit Damage. 


Board, beach and bike gear


  • Mostly people sail 4/3mm wetsuits. If you feel the cold, then maybe a 5/3mm for when the wind is up!

  • Bring your harness, although TWS can hire them

  • Bare foot is usually fine, it's mostly black sand under foot

  • Euros + Credit cards accepted everywhere

  • Can be hoodie or light jacket weather outside in the evenings

  • Towels provided + round travel plug (hair dryer if needed)

  • Waterproof watch to not miss any on-water sessions

Dietary & health needs

Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements or health issues we need to know about.

Payments and Balances

  • Please complete the form and enter details into all necessary fields including names of all persons attending be they windsurfers or non-windsurfers, family or friends. You can add any medical details, allergies or questions in the comments box at the next stage.
  • You can secure your place with a 50% deposit of your total holiday price.
  • The balance will be due 12 weeks in advance of departure.
  • When booking within 12 weeks of departure a full balance is payable.
  • You must have holiday insurance including 3rd party windsurfing cover when attending the course.

Be aware

  • Windwise will do its best to ensure your safety and enjoyment on the water.
  • There will be times when you’re being coached individually, in a group or free sailing. Plus there are times when you’re free sailing.
  • You are required to sail responsibly, within the designated areas and keep to the internationally recognised sailing and windsurfing rules of the sea.
  • If for any reason, Simon Bornhoft is unable to attend, your Windwise course and holiday will go ahead with an alternative Windwise coach.
  • Any dispute before, during or after the holiday will be held under UK law in the UK.


Travel date


About Windwise

You get an unparalleled experience

You’re getting the knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm of one of the worlds most experienced coaches, Simon Bornhoft.

Simon has personally coached well over 6,000 windsurfers. He’s seen, tried and coached just about every single windsurfing style, tip and technique out there.

His intuitive ability to instantly identify where things are going wrong, is matched by the ability and desire to give you the exact solution, skill set and the quickest progression path to match your level, style and aspirations.

The Windwise system has been published in articles all over the world. But there’s nothing better than getting it live on the water with Simon and his team.

Check out more about Simon and his team here.


Which course is right for you?

Beginners to Improver

If you’re new to the sport or you’re looking to lock down the real basics, these courses are perfect for you. 

Run by our trained Windwise coaches, they can assist you through the beginning and early stages of the sport using proven Windwise windsurfing coaching techniques to speed up your learning curve. We have 1 to 2 day windsurfing courses and our very popular overseas windsurfing holidays.

  • Good Locations: Bonaire / Alacati
  • UK Course: Any Hayling Beginner-Improver Courses 

Improvers to Intermediate Freeride Courses

Introducing, explaining and building the essential windsurfing skills using the Windwise coaching system. 

Simon Bornhoft we’ll help you develop and improve all areas of your windsurfing.  Quick beach and waterstarts, relaxed stances, quality control, the earliest of planing, controlled harnessing and blasting in the straps, better upwind sailing, quicker tacking and learning how to gybe.

  • Good Locations: Bonaire / Alacati / Prasonisi
  • UK Course: Any Hayling Improver – Intermediate Courses 


Intermediate to Advanced Freeride Courses

Want to break that plateau, extend your wind range, increase speed and consistency in those gybes and learn other achievable short board skills and moves? Then this is the course for you.

Simon Bornhoft will guide you through sailing smaller boards, tacking in stronger winds/lower volume boards, cranking up those carve gybes, control-jumping over chop, or having some fun with optional feasible freestyle like flat water wave riding, duck gybes, helitacks, up and downwind 360’s etc.

  • Good Locations: Bonaire / Alacati
  • UK Course: Any Hayling Intermeediate – Advanced  Courses 


Freewave, Wave & Loop Courses

If you’re looking to get into waves or develop existing wave sailing skills you wave then our Freewave & Wave courses are the perfect environment to take you to the next level – which is far more accessible than you might think.

We run through high wind control, sailing sub 100L boards, uphauling, tacking and hovering on semi submerged boards.

  • Good Locations: FeelViana / Mauritius & Prasonisi (has optional wave beach)
  • UK Course: Any Hayling  Freewave Courses or our West Cornwall Daymer & Gwithian Experiences

Common questions

If you’re new to the sport or you’re looking to lock down the real basics, these courses are perfect for you. Run by our trained WINDWISE coaches, they can assist you through the beginning and early stages of the sport using proven WINDWISE windsurfing coaching techniques to speed up your learning curve. We have 1-2 day windsurfing courses and our very popular overseas windsurfing holidays.

Booking conditions

Terms & Conditions

Windwise will do their best to ensure your safety and enjoyment on the water. There will be times when you’re being coached individually and in a group. There will also be times when you are freesailng by yourself, just like a regular windsurfing holiday-resort.

Windsurfing is, potentially, a dangerous sport and you must agree to sail in a responsible manner and in the designated areas outlined to you in resort.

In the event that Simon Bornhoft is not able to make the clinic/holiday or course due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, your Windwise booking and holiday are still valid and the course/holiday/adventure will still go ahead and another Windwise coach will be provided for you.

  • It is compulsory that you have third party windsurfing insurance
  • It is highly recommended to take out holiday insurance in case you have to cancel your holiday for any reason
  • Any disputes between Simon Bornhoft Windwise and it’s clients will be governed by UK law
  • Windwise balance payments for all holidays must be made 12 weeks prior to your holiday date.


Holiday Cancellation & Refund Policy

Being a small operation we have to pre-pay hotels and centres to get rates, plus there are associated costs for putting these courses on overseas.

So if for any unforeseen reason you’re unable to attend the clinic or experience holiday cancellation, airline cancellation, personal health issues, injury or any other personal reason or unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from joining the course, you will still be required to pay for your holiday. You can transfer your place to another person, but if you need to cancel and cannot find a replacement we will offer compensation under the following guidelines.

  • If Holiday is cancelled 3 months before departure a full refund is possible.
    (If we have pre-paid for a particular hotel or centre in your name and we cannot get a refund from them, then this amount will still be due)
  • Loss of full deposit if holiday is cancelled 2 months prior to departure.
  • 75% of holiday cost is still due if holiday is cancelled within 8-4 weeks before departure.
  • 100% of holiday cost is due if holiday is cancelled within 4 weeks before departure.