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why windwise

Windwise has been developed by Simon Bornhoft with a lifetime of coaching and windsurfing experience.

This unique coaching style and Windwise Skills Training System will have a massive impact on your progress and vastly extend your windsurfing knowledge, plus we seek to give you the best customer service and some truly memorable windsurfing experiences to look back on.

It's taken a lifetime to develop this system and I am dedicated to helping as many people as possible to improve their windsurfing.

Who is Windwise?

You’re getting the knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm of one of the worlds most experienced coaches, Simon Bornhoft.

Simon has personally coached well over 6,000 windsurfers. He’s seen, tried and coached just about every single windsurfing style, tip and technique out there.

His intuitive ability to instantly identify where things are going wrong, is matched by the ability and desire to give you the exact solution, skill set and the quickest progression path to match your level, style and aspirations.

The Windwise system has been published in articles all over the world. But there's nothing better than getting it live on the water.

Simon bornhoft & Daughter Indie 
Simon bornhoft & Dave Moore 

The Team

In some locations, such as Bonaire and particularly Alacati, we also have our amazing assistant Windwise coaches who help to assist the less experienced windsurfers.

Indie Bornhoft is a super talented and enthusiastic  coach who exudes boundless energy.

Dave Moore is a fabulous coach and wonderful guy who’s incredibly dedicated to making sure everyone feels included. 

Both Dave and Indie have worked with Windwise for over 10 years and have ‘the system’ as part of their teaching DNA – ensuring continuity for everyone. 

It's taken a lifetime to develop this system and we're totally dedicated to improving your windsurfing.

Skills TrainingSystem


How to truly make a difference

Simon bornhoft Severne TEAM RIDER 

It's in the detail

We work incredibly closely with you to help you succeed and have various different approaches to suit each individual. You’re not just another person in a group – we are with you all the way and have built long-term progression paths with many clients.

Nothing goes un-noticed, and we use the Windwise Skills Training System to suit your specific style and produce maximum progression and ease on the water.

It's taken a lifetime to develop this system and I am still finding new ways to better your windsurfing.

our coaching system


Become better looking


How to create your ultimate counterbalance


Specific consistent foot & hand placements


Learn the DNA of how to turn a board


Learn how to truly use body mechanics


Rig@90 + Talk to the mic + Rig rotators + Upwind downwinders

making it social


Making the difference

Alongside the coaching we embrace a strong social network that includes adventures, group socials, parties and continued support for our clients.

Team Severne

Part of my work involves helping Severne with their product design and making it relevant to the recreational windsurfing market. 

This gives our clients the opportunity to try different kit and prototypes on some of our courses.

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