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Improve your windsurfing a little closer to home with a 1 to 2 day Tune-up clinics. A chance to improve your skills, and push your windsurfing with the renown Windwise Coaching system. We break the skills down to its fundamentals so you can make the most of the UK windsurfing.

From South Coast courses to Cornwall Adventures, we coach for all levels of windsurfers across the country.

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Your progression is our mission  

With over 25 years of coaching experience, Simon Bornhoft’s tried-and-tested system guarantees progression for all levels of windsurfing from intermediate to riding your first waves. Join us at our next UK clinic and push your limits. 


Sat 20 Jul 2024
Queen Mary
Style: Freeride
Level: Improver, Intermediate
Wed 7 Aug 2024
Style: Freeride
Level: Improver, Intermediate
Mon 16 - Wed 18 Sep 2024
Daymer Bay
Style: Freeride + Freewave
Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Fri 20 - Sun 22 Sep 2024
Style: Freewave + Multi-sport
Level: Intermediate, Advanced


Our windsurfing courses are strategically located across the country to leverage the best conditions for learning. In Cornwall, Daymer Bay and Gwithian beaches are renowned for their ideal freewave conditions, making them perfect for mastering the fundamentals of wave sailing—from quick rig recovery to riding waves.

Close to London, the Queen Mary Reservoir provides an excellent venue for improving your windsurfing skills near the capital. With its flat water, it’s the perfect place to refine your tacks, gybes, and blasting control.

Along the South Coast, Hayling Island stands out as one of the UK’s most famous windsurfing spots. The conditions here range from flat water to small swells, ideal to accelerating your confidence and skills when freeriding. We run some of our Freeride & FoilWise courses from Hayling Island Sailing Club, where you can find a variety of water states depending on the tides. 

Join us as an improver or an intermediate and take your windsurfing to the next level with our expert courses.


About Windwise

You get an unparalleled experience

You’re getting the knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm of one of the worlds most experienced coaches, Simon Bornhoft.

Simon has personally coached well over 6,000 windsurfers. He’s seen, tried and coached just about every single windsurfing style, tip and technique out there.

His intuitive ability to instantly identify where things are going wrong, is matched by the ability and desire to give you the exact solution, skill set and the quickest progression path to match your level, style and aspirations.

The Windwise system has been published in articles all over the world. But there’s nothing better than getting it live on the water with Simon and his team.

Check out more about Simon and his team here.


Which course is right for you?

Beginners to Improver

If you’re new to the sport or you’re looking to lock down the real basics, these courses are perfect for you. 

Run by our trained Windwise coaches, they can assist you through the beginning and early stages of the sport using proven Windwise windsurfing coaching techniques to speed up your learning curve. We have 1 to 2 day windsurfing courses and our very popular overseas windsurfing holidays.

  • Good Locations: Bonaire / Alacati
  • UK Course: Any Hayling Beginner-Improver Courses 

Improvers to Intermediate Freeride Courses

Introducing, explaining and building the essential windsurfing skills using the Windwise coaching system. 

Simon Bornhoft we’ll help you develop and improve all areas of your windsurfing.  Quick beach and waterstarts, relaxed stances, quality control, the earliest of planing, controlled harnessing and blasting in the straps, better upwind sailing, quicker tacking and learning how to gybe.

  • Good Locations: Bonaire / Alacati / Prasonisi
  • UK Course: Any Hayling Improver – Intermediate Courses 


Intermediate to Advanced Freeride Courses

Want to break that plateau, extend your wind range, increase speed and consistency in those gybes and learn other achievable short board skills and moves? Then this is the course for you.

Simon Bornhoft will guide you through sailing smaller boards, tacking in stronger winds/lower volume boards, cranking up those carve gybes, control-jumping over chop, or having some fun with optional feasible freestyle like flat water wave riding, duck gybes, helitacks, up and downwind 360’s etc.

  • Good Locations: Bonaire / Alacati
  • UK Course: Any Hayling Intermeediate – Advanced  Courses 


Freewave, Wave & Loop Courses

If you’re looking to get into waves or develop existing wave sailing skills you wave then our Freewave & Wave courses are the perfect environment to take you to the next level – which is far more accessible than you might think.

We run through high wind control, sailing sub 100L boards, uphauling, tacking and hovering on semi submerged boards.

  • Good Locations: FeelViana / Mauritius & Prasonisi (has optional wave beach)
  • UK Course: Any Hayling  Freewave Courses or our West Cornwall Daymer & Gwithian Experiences

Common questions

If you’re new to the sport or you’re looking to lock down the real basics, these courses are perfect for you. Run by our trained WINDWISE coaches, they can assist you through the beginning and early stages of the sport using proven WINDWISE windsurfing coaching techniques to speed up your learning curve. We have 1-2 day windsurfing courses and our very popular overseas windsurfing holidays.

Booking conditions

Terms & Conditions

Windwise will do their best to ensure your safety and enjoyment on the water. There will be times when you’re being coached individually and in a group. There will also be times when you are freesailng by yourself, just like a regular windsurfing holiday-resort.

Windsurfing is, potentially, a dangerous sport and you must agree to sail in a responsible manner and in the designated areas outlined to you in resort.

In the event that Simon Bornhoft is not able to make the clinic/holiday or course due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, your Windwise booking and holiday are still valid and the course/holiday/adventure will still go ahead and another Windwise coach will be provided for you.

  • It is compulsory that you have third party windsurfing insurance
  • It is highly recommended to take out holiday insurance in case you have to cancel your holiday for any reason
  • Any disputes between Simon Bornhoft Windwise and it’s clients will be governed by UK law
  • Windwise balance payments for all holidays must be made 12 weeks prior to your holiday date.


Holiday Cancellation & Refund Policy

Being a small operation we have to pre-pay hotels and centres to get rates, plus there are associated costs for putting these courses on overseas.

So if for any unforeseen reason you’re unable to attend the clinic or experience holiday cancellation, airline cancellation, personal health issues, injury or any other personal reason or unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from joining the course, you will still be required to pay for your holiday. You can transfer your place to another person, but if you need to cancel and cannot find a replacement we will offer compensation under the following guidelines.

  • If Holiday is cancelled 3 months before departure a full refund is possible.
    (If we have pre-paid for a particular hotel or centre in your name and we cannot get a refund from them, then this amount will still be due)
  • Loss of full deposit if holiday is cancelled 2 months prior to departure.
  • 75% of holiday cost is still due if holiday is cancelled within 8-4 weeks before departure.
  • 100% of holiday cost is due if holiday is cancelled within 4 weeks before departure.