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Tenerife Freewave Adventures 2019


24th - 31st Jan 2019 - 1 possible space contact Windwise!!

31st Jan - 7th Feb 2019 - (sold out)


* We have a cancellation space available for 24th-31st Jan...Get in touch ASAP*  


El Medano Tenerife Freewave Adventures Jan-Feb 2019!

It's a fabulous winter escape to get tuned up and have a fabulous Windwise windsurfing experience, with dedicated coaching, 1-2-1 feedback and other adventures too. if you can sail south coast and waterstart a sub 120L board, you can sail in El Medano.


Book your EasyJet flights NOW to get best price!


  • Luxury Ocean Front Accommodation 
  • Freeride Quality Control, Blast & Gybe
  • Freewave Easy Intro To Waves
  • Learn to Windwise 'Warrior' up your windsurfing
  • Windwise Socials - Guidance - Adventures
  • Tapas, paella, Dorado beer and stunning balcony views


Our Windwise Freewave session El Medano is best for those who can waterstart, sail a sub 120L board and are looking to break that blast and gybe plateau. In the South Bay where the TWS centre is based we get a mix of flat water blasting, easy bump and jump and rolling swell. If you venture upwind to the 'harbour wall (optional) 'you'll get a nice little reef break to ease you into very accessible waves when the swell is up. For the more adventurous you can commute further up to Cabezo Beach, which has hosted many world cup wave events.


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If you can waterstart a sub 120L board you can sail El Medano!

Perfect place to break away from just blasting and trying to gybe!

We focus on your windsurfing, but other activities for lighter wind days!

Any questions email us at

We always try to offer the best value for our clients with the quality of our coaching+results, welcoming socials, beach front accommodation and the whole Windwise experience. We have chose these dates to give best chance of winter wind and availability of our apartments which are in a superb location and get booked up very quickly. Extra days are possible, but it would mean finding alternative accommodation as the apartments are only booked for these dates.


Important Travel & Course Info

You'll be met by our Windwise/TWS rep if you book the group flights. It's possible to arrange different flights and then grab your own 15 minute cab to the resort. If you have any questions about this then contact Windwise and as ever we're very happy to help.  




Windsurfing In El Medano, Tenerife

Tenerife is one of the more popular islands in the Canary Islands for windsurfing and we're looking at a last minute trip to escape the winter! We will base ourselves in El Medano, which is a fabulous windsurfing location on the southern tip of the island. It's a huge windsurfing beach which is famous for flat water on the inside, rolling swell out back and two optional wave breaks - The 'Harbour Wall' an easy intro to waves & El Cazebo where world cup wave events have been held. We will be operating out of TWS Centre which is based in the best part of the beach and is stacked to the roof with kit for you to use!

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Blasting in the bay is a mix of flat water and rolling swell!

El Medano offers a perfect mix of flat water, rolling swell and waves, so expect a destination that will offer real variety. It's a good place for an introduction to waves, launching through small waves and moving your windsurfing on to another level. Winter is not the Canaries windiest time, but it does offer a decent option for a winter escape and Tenerife has a history of being one of the best Canary Islands in February with regards to wind. Simon Bornhoft used to test for Boards Magazine in El Medano every Feb for over 10 years, so know's the place well and feel's it a good alternative to Egypt and much cheaper than traveling to the Caribbean in UK winter time. 

Off the water you'll get a taste sensation with fresh fish, endless tapas and of course that apres windsurfing Dorado beer, plus the renowned WINDWISE socials, location guiding and adventures.  

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Develop your skills and learn to ride waves!           Stunning large bay and back drop.

Booking Is Easy!

TENERIFE Freewave 1 week Windwise PACKAGE Only £1099 (based on twin share) 

EasyJet Flights currently £92!!!  (2.1.19)


1 week price per person 'base on twin share' and INCLUDES; 

1 Week Shared Apartment Accommodation 
We have three stunning luxury 3 bed large beachside apartments over looking the bay only a fins throw from the windsurfing centre. So like a ski lodge you have your own room with a shared living, dining, kitchen area. They are high quality apartments and work really well and make for a great Windwise social environment. You can either go for a single or shared room option. If you don't have anyone to share with, we can try to find someone for you. Any questions, let us know. GREAT VALUE FOOD WHEN THERE!

Group Airport Transfers  

6 days TWS Equipment Hire (Course/sailing actually starts on 25th Jan & 1st Feb)

Windwise Skills Training System from 'Coach of the Year 2017'

Personal Coaching + 1-2-1 Feedback + Video + Photography 

Windwise Socials + Adventures + Guiding

The complete week to enhance your windsurfing and have a great time.

Single Room Supplement £165 (Double room to yourself)


**Extra board hire available if you decide to take a later flight. So for instance if you want to rent a board on arrival afternoons on 24th Jan or departure on 31st Jan)**



Match the suggested group transfer or grab a €15 Euro taxi 

These flights are chosen so that we get a full days sailing in on the last day. If you want to travel from a different airport or different times that is possible, you'll just need to grab a 10 minute taxi to the resort. There are earlier and later flights and also other airlines, which you can use, but might mean private taxi from airport at €15-20 

Any questions, fire away.


24th - 31st Jan Clinic 1 Suggested Group Flights from Gatwick
Gatwick-Tenerife: 24th Jan
EZY Dept 08.00 - Arrive 12.35

Tenerife-Gatwick: 31st Jan
EZY8704 Dept 13.15 - Arrive 17.40
(Later flight also available departing 19.05 - extra board hire available)


31st Jan - 7th Feb Clinic 2 Suggested Group Flights from Gatwick
Gatwick-Tenerife: 31st Jan
EZY8705 Dept 13.55 - Arrive 18.20

Tenerife-Gatwick: 7th Feb
EZY8706 Dept 19.05 - Arrive 23.30

(Earlier + later departure times available, but you'd need to get your own taxi)


Course Style & Content

This Windwise Freewave Course/adventure is focused on your windsurfing development with our full Windwise Skills Training System which re run in all conditions. Freeride & Freewave skills, blasting, gybe variations, shortboard tacking, sailing on the sea and intro to waves with our unique Skills Training System! Break that blast and gybe plateau. If you can sail on the coast in UK you can sail El Medano! As with previous trips, we will also offer optional adventures if the breeze is lighter - this will include mountain or road biking in this stunning island. we will fine tune that in resort, so expect improvement in your windsurfing and a fabulous time on and off the water - progression and adventure the Windwise way...

COURSE CRITERIA: Must be able to waterstart a sub 120L board.


Who's it for?

Our Tenerife Freewave windsurfing holiday & clinic is aimed at intermediate-advanced windsurfers looking to move their shorter board windsurfing onto another level and break away from that blast and gybe routine. Whether that's moving onto wave boards, catching your first wave or generally improving your higher wind skills base, this course is perfect for you. It's a great place to get inspired, try new moves and.... with WINDWISE, give your windsurfing that accelerated progression! (You must be able to sail/waterstart a sub 120L board to be part of this course)

During the week our Skills Training System will cover, wave board super early planing, higher speed control, wave stances, quick short board tacks, gybe variations, finding, catching, riding and dealing with waves. Plus we will have a whole bunch of fun expression sessions, skills and specific drills to move your sailing along. As ever using our core WINDWISE skills training system to get the body to do what you mind is telling it!  

Other Holiday Highlights

After a full day of coaching, we will give you optional socials, adventures, safari's and check out some special places on this popular Canarian island. There's SUP, biking, stunning hiking up mount Teide. Plus with WINDWISE you get great local knowledge the best possible coaching, plus full guiding throughout your whole trip to make sure you eat the best food on the island!

Kit & Conditions 

Mostly flat water in the bay, rolling swell out of the bay. A decent entry to waves at the harbour wall and then if you fancy a truck up with, you can sail El Cabezo, which is the World Cup beach. Makes a great downwinder! 

Were using TWS centre which is packed full of great kit for you to try and develop your skills on!

Boards between 75-120L

Sails 4.0-7.m

Cross shore, port tack.

Travel & Accommodation

It's a 3.5 hour flight to southern Tenerife, then a really short 10-15 minute transfer to El Medano. We'll be staying in shared self catering apartments right in Medano bay, these are usually 3 bedroom apartments, which gives people their own room/space but also provides a really comfortable base for group meals, Windwise socials and that wonderful aprés windsurfing feel! Plus of course we'll take you to some the best places to eat in El Medano, and other secret get aways! 

What to take

3/2/ Long leg Summer or Autumn 4/3 wetsuit or if you feel the cold. Air temp is hot, but wind chill when its breezy! 

Harness, Hat, sunblock, booties (optional).

Round pin travel plug / Fleece for evenings

Local currency: Euros & credit cards

Loud shirt for BBQ night!

Meeting Up

For those on the group flight, we'll meet at the airport for the transfer to the beach/apartment. For those on different flights we'll meet at TWS on the beach in El Medano or apartments if you arrive in the evening.


WINDWISE will do their best to ensure your safety and enjoyment on the water. There will be times when you're being coached individually and in a group. There will also be times when you are freesailng by yourself. Windsurfing is, potentially, a dangerous sport and you must agree to sail in a responsible manner and in the designated areas outlined to you in resort. You are asked to sail responsibly and keep to internationally recognized sailing and windsurfing rules of the sea. 

In the event that Simon Bornhoft is not able to make the clinic due to illness or unforseen circumstances, your WINDWISE booking and holiday are still valid and the course/holiday  will still go ahead with an alternative Windwise coach.

***It is essential that you have third party windsurfing insurance!***
Check your holiday insurance. RYA does NOT cover you for 3rd party when on hire kit.

Try these guys for good value 3rd party




Booking info

This course is booked direct with Windwise

Price £1099 + flight - based on room share


24th-31st Jan Clinic 1

31st Jan - 7th Feb Clinic 2

Reserve Your Place NOW!

Travel Info

Flights: EasyJet

Transfers: 15 mins


Board Hire: TWS

Single Room: £165 supplement

Pay your deposit online now

Flight Details

Suggested Group Flights from Gatwick 

Clinic 1
24th - 31st Jan Freewave

Gatwick-Tenerife: 24th Jan
EZY8703 Dept 08.00 - Arrive 12.35

Tenerife-Gatwick: 31st Jan
EZY8704 Dept 13.15 - Arrive 17.40


Clinic 2
31st Jan - 7th Feb Freewave

Gatwick-Tenerife: 31st Jan
EZY8705 Dept 13.55 - Arrive 18.20

Tenerife-Gatwick: 7th Feb
EZY8706 Dept 19.05 - Arrive 23.30

Tenerife at a Glance

  • Sailing Type:Flat water, rolling swell & waves
  • Wind:F4-7
  • Level:Intermediate-Advanced
  • Course Criteria

    Must be able to sail/waterstart sub 120L board

  • Course Content

    WINDWISE Skills Training System: Including Freeride blasting, complete guide to gybing, fast tacks. Plus we run through Windwise Freewave + wave skills including launching, intro to waves, catching, riding jumping and much more to give your windsurfing a serious boost and have a great time!

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