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Marsa Alam

24th Sept-1st Oct 2014 

Last chance to go EVER!

Easy Freeride location to polish up those gybes and more!.

Marsa Alam Windsurfing Holiday

24th Sept-1st Oct 2014 

Marsa Alam is closing in Nov, so last chance to go - contact us now for possible one last place!


Marsa Alam is situated on the east coast of Egypt and is one of the most beautiful places to windsurf. With its crystal clear water, northerly winds and a secluded and private feel, it's a very special windsurfing spot.

This stunning Club Mistral centre is known for being uncrowded with incredible flat water on the inside and safe, easy rolling swell on the outside, it's a great place to get down to some serious skills building. We go in March for a pre-season tune up and then again in September for a late summer gybe off!

Marsa Alam's super flat water on the inside creates a gybertorium that virtually guarantees you will learn to get round those corners. It's the perfect  location to consolidate your existing skills and take a look at trying smaller boards or new skills, plus with so few people on the water, it feels like your private windsurfing centre! 


Who's it for?

Our Marsa Alam windsurfing clinic and holiday is aimed at intermediate windsurfers looking to move their short board windsurfing onto another level. Whether that is moving onto even smaller boards, blasting faster with more control or really wanting to make dryer gybes, this is the place to tune up those skills. We might even get you duck gybing and we'll also work on those faster dryer tacks! You don't have to be able to waterstart to sail here and it's got a sheltered area that produces the flattest water imaginable for gybing!  

Course & Holiday Content

During the week we'll cover, super early planing, sailing at higher speeds, stance range, quick short board tacks, gybe variations, duck gybes and any other windsurfing requests. Plus we will have a whole bunch of fun expression sessions to help your level flourish. As ever using our core WINDWISE skills training to get the body to do what you mind is asking it to do! Plus we pretty much have the centre to ourselves, so it's a great opportunity to try different styles and sizes of boards under the safety and guidance of WINDWISE. 

Other Holiday Highlights

After a full day of coaching, windsurfing and having a great time on the water, there is still time for free tea and cakes, welcome drinks, a great CM sundowner and a tasty all you can eat buffet. Plus you also have the chance to go Quad Biking, visit the most incredible Italian Restaurant in Egypt (yes amazing Italian food in the desert!). Then of course there is the unique highlight of swimming with the Dugon and having some of the worlds best snorkeling literally 10m off the beach.

Kit & Conditions 

As well as ultra flat water on the inside, there is gentle rolling swell on the outside that's fun and easy to sail on. 

The wind is stronger in the morning and then drops off later in the afternoon, so we get a really full day on the water and everyone always comments on how much they learn there.

The Club Mistral centre is packed with great kit, which is perfectly suited to the conditions - we often pretty much have the place to ourselves!

Boards between 95-150L

Sails 4.7-7.5m

Check out the photos and video to get a better idea!

Travel & Hotel 

The transfer from Marsa Alam airport is one straight road down the coast to the hotel, this takes about 1.5hrs. We stay right on site at Shams Hotel which gives you one of the shortest commute to the beach you'll ever get. The hotel is of a decent standard compare to other windsurfing hotels in Egypt. It has a swimming pool, slightly tired looking gym, table tennis, pool and works as a really comfortable base for group meals, socials and that great apres windsurfing feel! if non-windsurfing partners want a chilled relaxed lying on the sun lounger and then dipping into the sea for a snorkel type holiday, this couldn't be better.  

What to take

March: Definitely take at least a shortie wetsuit or long leg summer suit if you feel the cold. Also to protect from wind chill, even on hot days.

Sept: Boardies & rash vest or shortie wetsuit or long leg summer suit for the windy days, if you feel the cold.

Hat, sunblock, booties (optional).

Round pin travel plug / hoodie / fleece for sitting outside in the evenings (especially in March)

Local currency: You can change pounds or Euros into Egyptian pounds at the hotel. If you're on all-inclusive, then it's very hard to spend any money!

Loud shirt for BBQ night!

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# SB Bornhoft 2013-01-07 13:47
Hi Steve
It's 7 nights/days travel dates, which gives us 6 days windsurfing, but we often get to sail on the Morning of the last day.
I do 5 days of coaching so you get a freesail day, but we work it around the wind. Were you interested in March or Sept?
I'll pencil you in for Southend, we will release dates shortly.
Let me know your thoughts
really look forward to sailing with you.
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# Steve Briggs 2013-01-07 13:41
Simon hi is the above course 5 days in resort or 7 days overall inc travel
Steve Briggs
I will definitley be booking the Southend course again and probaly all 3 days
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