El Yaque, Margarita Windsurfing Holiday - Get on the list for 2015

The windy island of Margarita is situated in the southern Caribbean and has a extra thermal effect between the tip of the island and Northern Venezuela.  

Margarita is famous as a lively, dynamic and popular winter windsurfing destination. The consistent winds, flat water and easy launching has entertained many recreational windsurfers and has produced some of the worlds best freestylers. We have been going to Margarita for over 10 years and look forward to heading back in 2014.  

If you want a special winter treat, with the best chance of wind, then El Yaque in Margarita is the place to be. Flat water, lively beach atmosphere, cool restaurants and bars, plus the rum is cheaper than the coke!


Who's it for?  

With flat water and bump and jump style conditions and historically reliable wind, it's the perfect place for intermediates-advanced windsurfers looking for a winter playground. Provided you can use a harness and sail back to where you left from you'll be able to join the group. You don't have to be able to waterstart as there is relatively  shallow water at low tide, but you'll get more out of Margarita if you can waterstart. If you have any concern about your level for the week, please do contact us we are here to help!

Course & Holiday Content

Margarita has a slant towards more experienced intermediates covering shorter board sailing in planing winds, covering everything from faster waterstarts, stance control, fast tacks, gybing, highger wind control, speed and we'll encourage you to try some simple Feasible Freestyle like duck gybing. As ever the coaching is broken down using specific WINDWISE skills training skills to focus on YOUR particular requirements. Using rewarding effective demos, digital video and plenty of on water coaching, you’ll get all the encouragement and assistance you need to insure you improve.

Other Holiday Highlights 

We sometimes sail upwind to the 'Secret Garden’ and then have some great broad reaching back to the bay. After sailing Margarita comes alive, with beach bars, cocktails, great cheap food and rum cheaper than coke! We've also done Go-Karting, sunset mountain trip, seen dolphins and also gone to the Island of Coche for some flat water speed sailing. Lots to do, lively, fun place and good for non-windsurfing partners too!

Travel & Hotel Atti

We stay at the Atti Hotel which is a truly fabulous place to stay. The staff have been there for many years and are always very welcoming. Perched 200m’s above the beach, there is a very welcoming swimming pool, bar area and one of the best restaurants in town with stunning views for breakfast and sundowners! It's a quiet, relaxed oasis set back from the beach, which is the perfect retreat at the end of a hard day on the water.

Kit & Conditions 

In Jan-Feb your chances of wind are as good as it gets at that time of year anywhere in the world. Hence such a popular winter location. When the trades are in you’d expect to be on sail between 4.5-5.5m. Starting lighter in the morning and really building up by lunch time. If your body can handle it, you often get a good six-eight hours of solid wind a day. Plus you’ll see some of the worlds best freestylers making new moves.

Wind cross shore left to right (port tack)

Boards between 95-140L

Sails 4.7-6.5m

Check out the photos and video to get more of an idea.

What To Take:

DON'T change money in UK or airport - you'll get a better exchange rate in town....

Shorts/rash vest weather most of the time, but take a 3mm shortie summer suit if you feel wild chill on breezier days.

Surf shoes and very strong sun block/hat.

US flat pin travel plug.

Bright shirt for last night dinner.

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