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You may have seen the recent release of the new Severne Verso which has been two years in the making. As part of the R&D process we gained valuable input from Windwise clients using the Verso prototypes in a variety of locations and conditions including – UK, Bonaire, Alacati, Tenerife, Prasonisi and FeelViana.  

The out come is a fabulously user friendly progressive Freeride board that has become incredibly popular with those wanting a super early planing, controllable board that provides incredible stability and ease in the gybes.

This board is a game changer in ease of use, super early planing, gybing success rates and massively improving planing gybe exits.

Sophie Archer

“Feels like in a dream when you’re running with no effort – best session of the trip.



“The definition of an unfair advantage”


Progressive Freeride

After coaching thousands of windsurfers through the key stages of the sport, I wanted to assist in creating a Severne board that would unequivocally help to speed up the learning journey, improve the core planing Freeride skills and crack that elusive gybe.

“The Verso has that rare ability to help maintain stability and speed during the foot change and rig rotation – massively increasing gybing exit consistency and speed


The input came from years of testing and coaching experience and blending in what real windsurfers want. The Verso was so rigorously tested to maximise its appeal and create true value to recreational windsurfers.  

All the R&D was shared and blended into the Severne International testing with in depth feedback to liaise with guru board shaper Albert Pijoan and Ben Severne to ensure the best possible design was released – we love it and hope you do too. 

  • Simplified footstrap positioning for all levels 

  • Effortless linear early planing and acceleration

  • Smooth stable control and ease over chop

  • Specifically designed to make gybing easier for all levels

  • Stability, grip and predictability to massively increasing gybing exit consistency and speed

Thank you to everyone who tested the Verso and gave their feedback to help bring this board to life!

Oh SO Verso 
“Can I have a go!?”

“Fast onto the plane, fast getting you carve gybing and fast to produce a grin!”


Designed For You

The Verso is designed to cover those who are new to short board windsurfing right through to more experienced windsurfers looking for an easy and rewarding board to sail. So whether it’s first time footstraps, swift planing or mastering every aspect of gybing, the Verso range has a board volume to suit your level.  

Quiver Planing

Verso 138/154L = First time short board and early planing board.

Verso 122L = Progressive intermediate to advanced intermediate. 

Verso 110L = Superb early planing and gybing qualities. 

Each size planes early and is more stable compared to other boards of similar sizes. Plus the Verso is designed to be more forgiving, carry a wide range of sails and have a super supportive feel for blasting and gybing. 

Verso 110/122/138/154L

Whether it’s a first time short board, your larger early planing board or the go to board when the wind is up, there’s a Verso for everyone. 

For more information check out the Severne Verso.


Progressive Freeride



Real time feedback

There’s nothing better than getting reactions from those who have tried this board. Here’s a flavour of what they discovered and enjoyed.

“Stable underfoot and planes easily and early. Ideal for the progressing rider aiming to stay onboard around the gybes.” Rob Milligan

“A fast fearless ride and a dream to gybe and, “aesthetically very pleasing!” Isla Reynolds

“If you’re looking for a board to flatter your sailing, then this is the board!” Nick Saunders

“What a fantastic experience, such a smooth ride and acceleration - so easy in the turn” Paul Robinson

“I’m not one who is usually easily impressed with new toys, but I was sold on the Verso within the first 100m. Stuart Archer

“I loved the Verso because it was a really easy, fun board to sail. Super early planing, fast and stable at speed." Nick Ziogas

Rob Milligan
Stable underfoot and planes easily and early. Ideal for the progressing rider aiming to stay onboard around the gybes.
Isla Reynolds
A fast fearless ride and a dream to gybe and, “aesthetically very pleasing!
Nick Saunders
If you’re looking for a board to flatter your sailing, then this is the board!


Simon Bornhoft


Tom McClelland

“So easy to sail and gybe, it feels like you’re cheating. I’ve now got one!”



On any Windwise session

Apart from our wave sessions we usually have a Verso for you to try, so if you want a ride on one of these fabulous new boards then come and join us on a Windwise session.

Find out why so many Windwise clients love this board!

Freeride Versatility

Find out what the Verso will do for your windsurfing.

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