Windsurfing Coaching

Using our very specific, proven WINDWISE Skills Training System we emphasis and develop THE key windsurfing principles and muscle memory training skills to guarantee accelerated progression and a great time on the water



 We have a refreshing, effective and well-proven Windwise Skills Training System that has helped thousands of people to improve and get more from their time on the water. Using easily learned and very specific techniques to suit your level and aims, we’ll help you grasp the vital concepts and essential skills that immediately improve your windsurfing. With guidance, feedback and support on and off the water, digital video playback and a whole course full of assistance, your understanding, awareness and ability can soar. A typical session would highlight a theme, principle or key skills to the group and then show how that links into your specific level or aspiration. We’d then use a mix of specific land and water exercises/demos to drill, isolate, replicate, practice, highlight and accentuate each principle or skill. We want you to get the true sense, feeling and great thrill of learning. All of which comes from developing your strengths and experimenting with new skills, but crucially during the whole process you’ll get group and 1-2-1 ‘in the moment’ motivational feedback to ensure you’re focusing on the right skills for you. We’d love the opportunity to show you what we can do for your windsurfing!


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Whilst everyone learns at a different pace, we seek to give you the best possible results in the shortest time possible for you. Whether that’s in the UK or visiting a stunning overseas destination, we know we can offer you a far quicker root to success than trying to learn yourself or getting poor advice. Check out previous clients comments!


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Our windsurfing coaching is totally dedicated to helping YOU enjoy and achieve your goals and aspirations - no matter what stage of the sport you might currently be at or at what pace you take windsurfing at. From easy does it to dedicated results driven objectives, we’ve helped every type of windsurfer improve. So yes you will learn and we can help you for sure! Check out previous clients comments!


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We have virtually unparalleled experience producing, developing, and fine tuning the exact windsurfing coaching skills and methodology to give you the best chance of improving. It’s what we’ve done and continue to do and we believe we can identify the simplest route to success for you. Our Windwise Skills Training System has been published in magazines all around the world,, but nothing beats direct 1-2-1 feedback on the water the Windwise way! We have tried, coached, studied and filtered every single style, tip or method of trying to learn. We know exactly what works for you and how you should go about learning it. We have helped literally thousands of windsurfers around the world achieve their goals. We work with you all the way and help windsurfers develop greater confidence, real belief and a far better understanding of what they can achieve. Check out previous clients comments!

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Progress is not down to being told ‘this is right or that is wrong’, by some ‘guru’. The key to windsurfing coaching and successes is through well refined personal coaching skills, that genuinely help you discover why, how and what works for you. Renowned for simplifying, identifying and de-mystifying the sport, with Windwise you’ll get results not just when you are with us, but also your understanding and enjoyment of the sport into the future. We seek to give you the best and most motivating, engaging and rewarding windsurfing experience you’ll ever have! Check out previous clients comments!



Windsurfing is made up of only few key principles and skills, we teach you how windsurfing actually works, what are the important skills to learn and how to break each move down into achievable, memorable sections. We teach the right skills that you can take with you all the way through the sport, regardless of your level or aspirations. Whether you have an analytical or visual understanding of the nuances of the sport, our clear on-land and on-water demos and Skills Training System prompts your body to do what you’ve been asking or wishing it would do! Often, what you think you’re doing might be different from what’s truly happening or what you actually need to do. We can confirm if you're on the right track and identifying the exact skill that will accelerate your progression!


A. When possible we add in free-sail time, discovery adventures and give you a fabulous time on and off the water. On many of our courses, holidays and adventures there’s great food, friendly socials and you can take the whole experience at your pace. We know our venues extremely well and always seek to offer special memorable days and evenings while you’re with us. Whether you’re travelling on your own, as a couple or in small groups, you’ll find WINDWISE clients are a like minded bunch, welcoming and all up for a good time. Non-windsurfing friends or partners are most welcome and very much part of what WINDWISE is all about…. enjoying life to the full on and off the water. We have a massive number of repeat clients, with many courses filling up before we even promote them. We are incredibly privileged and grateful to have such great people joining us so often.

We hope this also illustrates that not only do we get great results, but WINDWISE is all about progression through adventure and creating and environment with like-minded people. We always get a fun, interesting group! We have extensive local knowledge for all the locations we go to, ensuring many of our clients have had many incredible adventures, experience superb eateries, unique locations and a great après windsurf vibe.


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We often use both professional digital photography and video feedback to assist the coaching and record your time with us. When used correctly it can be an incredibly useful tool to assist your progress. With many years experience producing high quality articles, books and video for international publications, TV Shows, commercials, advertising shoots and even the Olympics, so we are confident in providing first class video and photography of your windsurfing experience. Check out some of our past clients photos!



Alongside the coaching, Simon Bornhoft has a deep history and involvement in the fabric of the sport of windsurfing, including - competitions, travel, kit testing, locations, equipment selection, tuning, journalism, seminars, demos and even BBC Olympic commentary - so just about any aspect of the sport. We hope this all adds value, depth and extra detail to the whole WINDWISE experience.

Upcoming UK Courses

Hayling Freeride Course

Starts: Sun 1st November
Finishes: Sun 1st November

£ 115.00 each

Windsurfing FOILING Course Langstone Harbour

Starts: Sun 1st November
Finishes: Tue 1st December

£ 189.00 each

Holiday Balance Payment

Starts: Tue 1st December
Finishes: Thu 31st December

£ 694.00 each


"I am well chuffed with what I achieved with your help and I came away from the course with all boxes ticked. I'm not exaggerating when I say that you completely transformed my sailing from someone who was nowhere near the straps on a 145l board to someone who was flying around, fully committed in the harness, feet in both straps on a 113l board and feeling pretty relaxed about the whole thing. The course was exactly the right balance of talk, analysis, demo and doing - it exceeded my every expectation and I will definitely be back. All I did was turn up, listen to what you told me to do and things just clicked into place – brilliant!"

Ty Owen

"Thanks for a great couple of days training. I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. We were so lucky with the conditions. I feel as if I now know what to do when tacking - although need to spend more time practising. The early planning instruction definitely helped. And I made progress with the gybing rig rotation - keeping the clew upwind and 'kissing the guns' definitely my gybes at the end of the afternoon."

Martin Jones

Thought I would sent you this email to say, massive thank you for the two days I've spent with you Hayling/Southend . 1st you got me planning carve gybes then  Southend.
Better jumping , not to mention all the other stuff taught on these days. Recommended 'guaranteed success' Thanks again See you soon.

Simon Chippington

Neil and I had such a fantastic holiday, so thank you for everything. We will definitely go back if we get the opportunity

Sarah & Neil

I just wanted to say thank you so much for a great 2 weeks. I really enjoyed it and feel I have progressed yet again, thanks to your patient and incisive tuition.

Penny Wiles