Common Questions

FAQs - Common Questions

There are a few questions that we are regularly asked... here are the answers.

After a morning team talk, we will get straight into helping you learn. This will be a mix of land based muscle memory exercises, on water practice sessions with group and 1-2-1 feedback. Plus we will look at video and work through core skills to develop your technique? You can take the pace of the day as you like, but we usually do a decent and fairly intensive morning session, lunch break, then a slightly more relaxed afternoon session.  

In the event of lighter winds we have plenty to help you with. We are experts in breaking down specific moves with light and strong wind skills that can and need to be practiced in all wind strengths. So no matter what the conditions, you will learn. In fact many people of different levels always comment that they often learn just as much if not more in the lighter winds. It's the perfect time to isolate and get specific in preparation for the windy stuff!


If you're keen then we can help you achieve a lot! Everyone is different and a lot depends on your commitment, desire and where you are in the sport. For instance, you might be new to gybing with a lot to learn or you might be more experienced and just need that gold nugget to make a break through. Equally you might be someone who has sailed for a long time, but has developed a few bad habits that need work to iron out. Or you might be on a fast track whizzing through the sport and be the sort of person who makes great leaps forward of progress. But we will help you to get the most from your time on the water and show you not just what to do, but most importantly how to learn it. In the past we've had people go from harnessing and footstraps to carve gybing in a week. Waterstart are usually sorted in a few days. Plus we've helped flat water sailors become more accomplished in the waves. We help you to get a better idea of where you're at what you can achieve. Also we encourage you to try things that suit your level, style and potential. 



Over the years, we have coached virtually every style, method and 'way of trying moves'. This has helped us identify the skills that make the biggest difference to your windsurfing. So to give you the quickest learning curve, we have created a guaranteed WINDWISE system to ensure your progress. Using core principles and skills, it's clear, simple and an incredibly effective system. Doing simple things well, is the key to any top sportsperson. So using a mix of key principles, very specific skills training and showing you the building blocks of the sport, we isolate, develop and assist you in actually mastering your aspirations. In truth there are only a handful of skills, that you need to understand and get really good at them, only then will everything starts to come together for you. Our unique WINDWISE approach targets THE exact skills that make the difference you your sailing. we do not say "Hey this is how you do it". We actually help you develop skills that are relevant to your level right now and also for the future. This means you can use the core skills in your current level/location/conditions and take your windsurfing as far as you like.


No one is more experienced at targeting and developing the right skills to make you progress!


We are experts in understanding how people learn, what makes you tick and how to get the best from yourself. Learning how to learn is all part of our system to ensure you develop new skills, break bad habits and overcome plateaus. Trust your coach more than you and we can make incredible progress together in fun environment?

Most importantly our holidays are welcoming, relaxed, focused, productive, adventurous and FUN! Essentially you can take the WINDWISE experience at whatever pace suits you. If you just want to pick up a few special tips and sail at your leisure, no problem, we are there to guide and support you. If you're on a personal mission to crack something by the end of the week, then we will and can get you there! If you want to glean every piece of knowledge and sail eight hours a day and make the most progress ever!!! We will push you all the way!

So, it's all about your progress at your pace! 

Off the water, it's not all windsurfing chat about the finer stitching on the latest sail. We encourage a fun relaxed environment and we very much welcome non-windsurfing partners and friends. Some venues, surroundings are better than others for non-windsurfing partners,so contact us if you're not sure which is best for the two of you. 

If you have a partner or friend who is keen to take up windsurfing, which can assist with beginner packages too!