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About Windwise

Here's some of our history.

Simon Bornhoft has been coaching windsurfing since 1983.
He's run thousands of UK sessions and hundreds and hundreds of overseas holidays.

Simon Bornhoft wrote the latest RYA windsurfing books, ebooks and coaching methodology and lead the training of the top trainers in the RYA. He's written for over 20 years for Boards Magazine and about 10 different countries have translated his coaching articles and books. Most importantly he is dedicated to assisting recreational windsurfers in their quest to get the most out of our amazing sport.

We've coached...

  • Young kids to become excellent freestylers.
  • Fast learners to carve gybe in a week.
  • Slow learners to break through lingering plateaus.
  • Helped 80 year olds carve gybe 75L board!
  • Produced 1-2-1 features with some of the best windsurfers on the planet – Robby Naish, Josh Stone & Bjorn Dunkerbeck.
  • Coached a Richard Cooper to windsurf around the UK.
  • Produced various 'fly on the wall' coaching series taking real windsurfers through each stage of progression.
  • Produced technique articles for most international windsurfing magazines.
  • We've run 10 Boards and Bands Xmas parties with over 160 WINDWISE clients at each party.
  • We've had clients from virtually every different country and we are growing year on year!

Each year, we run approximately 50-60 days of UK windsurf coaching.

Each year we run between 12-18 weeks of overseas windsurfing holidays & clinics

We've run overseas windsurfing clinics and holidays in...

Margarita, Moulay, Mauritius, Cape Verde, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Hurghada, Safaga, Dahab, El Tur, Moon Beach, Ras Sudr, Marasa Alam, Alacati, Fuertaventura, Essaouira, Kos, Barbados, St. Lucia, Perth, Brisbane, Lancelin, Prasonisi, Vassiliki, Antigua, British Virgin Islands, Maui and we have some other secret places lined up for the future!

We've coached at the best windsurfing spots in the UK including....

Hayling, Pagham, West Wittering, Southend, Bigbury, Barrow-in-Furness, Gwithian, Daymer, Poole, Weymouth, Exmouth, Queen Mary, Datchet, Bray, Stithians, South Wales, Plymouth, Tiree & Ireland.

We've been at the forefront of learning and windsurfing technique

Introducing the concept of using core skills and key principles throughout the sport.
Highlighted the key principles that so many people now us in windsurfing coaching.
Changed the concept of teaching planing gybe techniques and developing complimentary light wind exercises.
Introduced Skills Training and breaking moves down into very specific component parts.

Leaders in Skills Training

Simon Bornhoft introduced the concept of building moves up with muscle memory and skills based training. So using skills training like Non-Planing Carve Gybes, Clew First Beach Starts, Upwind Downwinders, Nose Sinks, Flat Water Wave Riding, Switched Stance, Sail 360's, Shifting & Switching and Rig Rotators you can make up pretty much every move in windsurfing and show how the whole sport links together.

Here's some back ground on where some of the core skills, principles, terms and phrases either came from or we emphasized.

Vision "Look where you want to go"

The importance of Vision came about in the early 80's when SB was training for a freestyle event. An observing ballerina quite rightly pointed out the importance of 'spotting' when going for a pirouette on the rail. Since then SB wrote in numerous magazine features heavily reinforcing the importance of Vision for skill development and coaching.

Trim "Keeping that board flat" (most of the time)

This was reinforced with SB's 1-2-1 magazine feature with Bjorn Dunnkerbeck for the Secrets of the Pro series.

Opposition "If the mast/rig moves one way the body moves in the opposite direction"

This is the foundation of windsurfing and was reinforced after 1-2-1 sessions with Josh Stone who was the architect of modern freestyle. After diagnosing his sailing, the importance of 'dancing with the rig' as Josh put it, became a driving force in virtually every aspect of windsurfing.

Power "Sheet in"

How we sheet the rig in, I.e, hips not arms, is all about using your harness and pulling down on the boom. Whilst this is pretty obvious, we feel it needs to be massively accentuated.

7 shaped Stance Range "How the body works on a board"

How we use our body is key to our success on a board. Simon Bornhoft heavily promoted the analogy of using a '7 'shaped stance range (with changing the pressure points) and how variations of this stance link into different areas of the sport.

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