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Moulay Windsurfing Adventure Holiday May 2015 - Get your name on the list 


Moulay offers wind, waves and great conditions for learning to jump, wave sail and improve your short board sailing technique. 

This is a fabulous WINDWISE adventure trip which suits those looking for, or to develop their existing wave sailing skills. Come on your own or bring your mates, it's a great location, we make the best possible atmosphere and it's always a memorable trip!

"If you can sail UK coastal locations, then you can handle Moulay. It is one of the closest places to the UK to experience down-the-line wave riding, great jumping and truly develop your windsurfing level!


Who's it for?

For our wave courses we choose locations that are perfect to refine your existing short board skills and be guided and encouraged into other areas of the sport. Moulay is a fantastic location to sail in clean, defined waves and the courses is to encourage and develop your wave board sailing, jumping, wave riding and for those who want to looping (totally optional).  If you can sail typical south coast conditions in the UK, you can sail Moulay. We've helped thousands of windsurfers gain confidence in the waves and surprise themselves at what they can achieve. If you want testimonies or feedback from previous, then we can put you in touch who've been with us before - or check out our Clients Comments section. If you're unsure of your level, please drop us an email and we'll help you work out if this is the right course for you.

Course & Holiday Content

As for all our courses you get Simon Bornhoft's full professional coaching to assist you in your quest for windsurfing mastery. With proven results, you'll get the highest level of coaching both on and off the water. Video feedback, 1-2-1 tips and full motivation to ensure your WINDWISE progression. We'll run through, wave etiquette, safety, strategy, launching, control, riding and jumping (Forward loops for those that way inclined). You can also expect to be put through some skills training and really useful windSUPing sessions in lighter winds to enhance your wave techniques, confidence, tactics and talents in waves. 

Plus of course you'll be a welcome part of our relaxed socials and adventures. We can guarantee you'll have a great time!

Other Holiday Highlights

Like all WINDWISE holidays, it's not all about the coaching, there's our local knowledge and connections, creating great adventures and visiting some cool places. In Moulay, we've done various activities to get the adrenaline going including, paddleboarding in surf, kayaking, mountain biking, quad biking, hiking, surfing and we know THE very best restaurants and bars in town! In the last couple of years the food and nightlife has really improved and there are some great places to check out and make a real holiday of it.

Kit & Conditions

When the wind is in you'll be using a sub 100L board and sails below 5.5m. There's a channel to get out avoiding the breaking waves and you can dip in and out of the break to suit your level. Starboard tack, so suits those south coast sailors perfectly! There are rocks at low tide, but we help you to navigate the place and get the best out of Moulay. Check out the photos and video to get an even better idea of the conditions.

We use Bruno's Magic Fun centre which is the perfect base, with great kit, fab food and the beautiful view of the bay!  

Travel & Hotel

We have our own 15 minute mini bus that takes us from our Riad Zahra in Essaouira up to Moulay each morning and then back to the hotel for the evening - then home made tapas and dip in the pool! This works really well as it means we can easily venture out to town in the evenings which is very much part of the attraction of this beautiful Medina town. Being stuck in Moulay at night is not much fun!

Booking info

Moulay is booked through Sportif, so reserve your place with WINDWISE and then we'll put you in touch with Sportif.

Prices £1095 pp based on twin room (£849 ex flight)


18th-25th April 2014

Travel Info

Flights: Gatwick/Marrakech

Transfers: 2.5hrs


Board Hire: Magic Fun Fanatic £199

Single Room: £129

Moulay at a Glance

  • Sailing Type:Freewave-Wave
  • Wind:F4-6
  • Level:Sub 100L boards
  • Course CriteriaMust be able to waterstart a sub 115L board
  • Course ContentFreewave + wave skills. Launching, jumping, intro-to-waves, catching, riding and enjoying waves, plus optional looping.

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Hi I am interested in a trip to moulay
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