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Maui Windsurfing Adventure 2020

We are gathering names for a Maui adventure in 2020. we will have two courses one staying inland in condos, the other a mega beach front villa. Get on the reservation list


Maui in the Hawaiian Islands, is (apart from Hayling Island) the Mecca of windsurfing. From beginners to the worlds best, from the flattest of water to the largest of waves, Maui has something for everyone! 

We have run various trips to this magical windsurfing island, which has plenty of flat water locations as well as entry level small waves and of course, medium, large and extra large waves for more experienced windsurfers. You can take it at whatever pace you like. You'll sail, watch and experience some of the most famous places in windsurfing and likely to rub waterstarts with some of the worlds best windsurfers. 

Don't be put off Maui, it's NOT all about waves, there are some incredibly easy places to windsurf. And like all our courses, WINDWISE take you to the right place at the right time to suit your level and aspirations.

We are planning a Safari Adventure to Maui end of Aug-early Sept for a Freewave course. We are collecting names of clients who are interested in this amazing trip, so get on the MAUI LIST for first shout on details! 


With WINDWISE we give you great local knowledge, contacts and act as  your coach and guide - we constantly seek to make sure you go to the right place and have the right skills to experience this amazing windsurfing destination!

If you can sail in the UK or places like Egypt, Alacati, Margarita you CAN sail in Maui if you know where to sail! 


We will have a 10-14 day windsurfing holiday & clinic in Maui for those wanting to go to this amazing island, but want an easy mix of flat water and optional waves. 


We will be offering a 10-14 day windsurfing holiday & clinic for those in search of some great waves to take their windsurfing onto a new level. If you can sail Mauritius, Moulay, Essaouira, Canaries or UK south coast, Devon & Cornwall you can sail in Maui. 

Other Holiday Highlights

Long distance downwinders along the coast, biking, surfing, SUPing and shown clients all the famous windsurfing spots that you see in videos and brochures! Plus we've had the odd star guest come and sail with us.


In the past we've stayed on the North Shore with condos on the beach or there are cheaper options on the south shore. In Maui you need a vehicle and we travel to the best locations to suit the wind and level of the group. There are plenty of accommodation options, yet we try to stay together so that we have a better social and makes logistics easier. Non-windsurfing partners are very welcome and we seek to make it a holiday of a life time!


Booking info

No specific dates have beenplanned for Maui yet. If you are interested, please drop us a line and give us some indication of your availability.

Price £tbc


Sept 2016

Travel Info

Flights: London/US/Maui



Board Hire: Loads of fab new boards!

Single Room: Single, double & group options

Pay your deposit online now

Flight Details

MAUI at a Glance

  • Sailing Type:Epic!!!!
  • Wind:F4-6
  • Level:Intermediate to Advanced
  • Course Criteria

    Must be able to waterstart a sub 120 board

  • Course Content

    Freeride blasting, gybing, fast tacks. Plus we run through all the necessary Freewave + wave skills like launching, intro to waves, catching, riding jumping and much more!

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# Raffaella del Prete 2017-08-10 10:43
Do you have windsurfing holiday with lessons, windsurfing kit, etc for the month of august?

Any packages? what is included? I am a solo traveller
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# Beth Hawdon 2015-06-30 08:38
Hi Simon. I'm v interested in a Maui trip and my husband owes me one as he went to mentawais last month.
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# SB Bornhoft 2013-05-07 00:42
Dear Dan,
Many thanks for the enquiry, I will put you on my list for 2014.
Was it just Maui you were interested in?
I'm sure we can make it a special trip to celebrate!
Where are you at with your sailing at the moment?
Drop me an email and we can fine tune.
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# Dan 2013-05-05 11:28
Hi, I'm very interested in sailing in 2014, my 40th birthday present to myself.
Travelling from the UK, with my non windsurfing girlfriend.
Please let me know any details
Kind regards
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